The Photography of Alan Ticheler Graphic Design, Artwork and CD Covers
CD Cover: The Best Of Miami Vice (Jan Hammer) Video Cover: Emerson, Lake and Palmer Live 1977 CD Cover: The First Seven Days (Jan Hammer) Video Cover: Emerson, Lake and Palmer Manticore Special CD Cover: Miami Vice - The Complete Collection (Jan Hammer)
CD Cover: World Beat (Various Artists) Image Remake of H.R. Giger's Brain Salad Surgery Official A.M.T. Photographic Logo Greg Lake: From The Beginning (Poster Concept) CD Cover: And The Last Shall Be First (Asia)
CD Cover: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival (ELP) Complete Book Layout: WordSculptures (Greg Lake) CD Cover: From The Beginning (Greg Lake) Foreigner Band Graphic/Logo CD Cover: Walking Through This Dream (Joan Burton)
CD Cover: From The Underground (Greg Lake) Team Logo: Lakewood Raiders (soccer) Zemaitis 'Heart Hole' Guitar Graphic Team Logo: Lakewood Xtreme (soccer) CD Cover: Snapshots 1.2 (Jan Hammer)
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